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Hometown:  Dayton, Ohio

Genres:  Indie, Rock

Years Active:  2018- Present

Website: ScaryHotelMusic.com

Born from the musings of Mikey Chappell in the sun soaked swamps of South Carolina, Scary Hotel crafts melancholy indie rock and roll, ruminating on the standard subjects of life, love, and what happens when we drink to excess and fall asleep with our glasses still on.

While still living in South Carolina, Mikey called upon much greater talents than himself to help record the first Scary Hotel EP, Old Fourth Ward (Released September 7, 2017) mostly about the 4 hour commute to the Atlanta neighborhood and the ensuing emotions associated with I-20W. That same year, a career relocation sent Mikey to the Midwest.

Now firmly planted in Dayton, OH, the once solo endeavor grew to include Eric Dino (Guitar, Spin Moves), Sean Duley (Drums, The Dark Crystal Trivia), Curt Estridge (Bass Guitar, Resident Disc Golf Coach) and Logan Adams (Keyboards, Vocals, General Charisma).

With the stars (and work schedules) aligned, this ragtag assemblage of loveable characters recorded their first full length album, Love Like You’re Lonely (Released Nov 9, 2019), a record documenting the experiences of navigating the choppy waters of change, romantic or otherwise. In the words of daytonlocalmusic.com, “Scary Hotel has sealed themselves as a must-listen Dayton band with this release”



Love Like You’re Lonely – Scary Hotel

 November 21, 2019  Theo Gainey

On November 9th, Scary Hotel released their first full-length album, Love Like You’re Lonely. Also on November 9th, the band celebrated this release with an album release show at Blind Bob’s. Made up of Mikey Chappell on vocals & guitar, Eric Dino on guitar & vocal, bassist Curt Estridge, Logan Briann on keyboard & vocals, and drummer Sean Duley, Scary Hotel has sealed themselves as a must-listen Dayton band with this release.

Every band has its own songwriting process and in the case of Scary Hotel, their’s relies heavily on Mikey’s experiences since moving to Dayton. In the case of Love Like You’re Lonely, Mikey wrote songs to document a relationship he had when he first moved to Dayton. After Mikey pieced together the bare bones of the songs, the rest of the band went to work finishing the song so that his experiences could be shared in a relatable way.

On Love Like You’re Lonely listeners will find ten songs that showcase the band’s artistic and melancholy rock. Made up of 10 songs, each song relates to a specific personal memory from songwriter Mikey Chappell. As a result, each song will have a different effect on every listener. Even with that being the case there are a few songs that stand out on the album. Most notably is “Strange Hands”, which is an excellent example of everything the band does well.

Those wanting to check out this great new album can find it on every major stream service. Also for those wanting to get a first-hand look at the band, the band has an upcoming show at South Park Tavern on December 7th.



Booking: Mikey Chappell | Mikey.Chappell@gmail.com

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